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PARAGUAY, Ani Souberlich and Maria Fischer • What remains from the Year of Mercy? Pope Francis answered this question in part in his Letter “Misericordia et Misera.”  Several moments that made it easier to find God’s forgiveness, remain – Amoris Laetitia remains, which is only understood by reading it in terms of mercy, and the creativity in responding to the sorrows and needs of the human being in the works of mercy remains. What remains from the Year of Mercy? A lot. Works of mercy, which remain forever. Scores ofRead More
ARGENTINA, Lucía Agüero González • My name is Lucía Agüero González. I consecrated myself as a missionary of the Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign in August 1992, at the Shrine in Florencio Varela, Argentina. I traveled to Rome in 2005, I worked there until 2007, the year I had to return to Argentina for family reasons. During the time I was in Rome, I worked as a missionary, attaching myself to the Belmonte International Shrine. Sr. Fernanda (a Brazilian) was in charge of the campaign there. I lived in the Riano areaRead More
ARGENTINA, by M. Gabriela Sarquis de Imperatrice • During the final days of 2016 in the middle of Buenos Aires, a wayside shrine was blessed bearing the name, Mother of Mercy, which is one of Pope Francis’ favorite names for Mary. Supposedly, this wayside shrine is the youngest one in the world, and it is already a part of the Original Pilgrim Mother’s Belmonte mosaic. On Friday, 1 April 2016, at 10:00 a.m., the conquest of a wayside shrine began with the prayer of the Holy Rosary so that our MotherRead More
PARAGUAY, José Argüello • A few hours after everything was over, someone found and shared a chapter of the book “Ella es mi mama”, [She is my Mother] Fr. Alexandre Awi’s great Pope Francis interview about his encounters with Mary. ”Santuarizar la cuidad” [Turn the city into a Shrine] is the title of the chapter, it is one of the greatly loved, “Bergoglisms” that verbalize an entire process of life, precisely with this touch of novelty and irritation that the Good News needs in these times of the inflated useRead More
URUGUAY, Matías Cerviño • Providencia Educational Center, a social work of the Uruguayan Schoenstatt Movement, launched its Christmas campaign that is ongoing, and they have invited the entire Schoenstatt Family to commit to give educational opportunities for the 350 children with whom they work, day by day, in one of the most vulnerable areas of the city of Montevideo. With the motto “They have the power to dream, you have the power to help,” they are inviting everyone to be a part of this project, which was founded  more thanRead More
CUBA, Fr. Alberto,  Maisí’s pastor • Catastrophes have a very brief “shelf life” in the media. Not only in the media, but also in donations of solidarity, prayers, and memory.  There are simply so many, that even those that have a personal attachment touching the soul’s deepest parts, fade away…Hurricane Matthew?  The parish of Maisí in the Diocese of Guantánamo, the parish where one of the Schoenstatt Fathers from Cuba worked until July 2016? It was in October, and because Cuba only suffered material damage, the world’s media did notRead More
BRAZIL, via  • Christmas. For JUMAS [Boys’ Youth] from Amoreira, it seems that the most worthwhile way to experience this moment is by showing solidarity. The Toy Campaign is carried out every year at this time, and it only seeks to bring joy to children who live in the less favorable neighborhoods of San Sebastián de Amoreira. Many times these houses are lacking everything, but at least once a year, there is a feeling of joy expressed in the little ones’ smiles. The project counts on help from the entireRead More
PARAGUAY, Melissa N. Torres A. • At Fr. Martín Gómez’ request the Professional Women’s Branch took on the apostolate at Good Shepherd prison in Asunción. Since May 2015, every Sunday from 3:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m., Branch volunteers travel through every unit of the prison accompanied by the Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign’s Pilgrim Mother. They teach the inmates to pray; they share the Gospel and pray the rosary.  On one of these visits, the mothers from the Amanecer unit expressed their desire to have their children baptized, and incredibly, they alsoRead More
ARGENTINA, Lilita and Carlos Ricciardi • It is only three weeks until the start of La Plata’s Family Missions of the Schoenstatt Movement. This time, they will travel 80 km from La Plata to Ranchos, an area of only 8,000 residents in the Buenos Aires’ Province that will welcome these missionary families for the first time, from 22 to 29 January 2017. Fr. Alejandro Zelaya, a Schoenstatt Diocesan Priest and two couples will also go as observers to learn about the Family Missions, to encourage more Fr. Alejandro’s parish families inRead More
PARAGUAY, by Laura Ruiz Díaz • On 24 December, Christmas Eve, the prison ministry along with Fr. Pedro Kühlcke went to the juvenile detention center, “Centro Educativo Itauguá” (CEI) [Itauguá Educational Center] to share Christmas snacks with the youths. The experience allowed me to live the true meaning of Christmas through every smiling face that graciously expressed gratitude for our presence, or in the tear-filled eyes of some, who, no matter how they tried to control a feeling of sadness, could not hide it. Thus the hugs were longer andRead More