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ARGENTINA, Carlos Cappelletti • In the measure that the group of Madrugadores in Nueve de Julio, Argentina, which was founded in 2014, grew our illusion increased. With complete confidence, the Blessed Mother showed us the way. We began to focus on inviting those men, who had left the sacraments under different circumstances. In many cases, it was about broken marriages; in the group, they found a place to belong, a space where no one asks anyone questions. We are fortunate to have three people from another religion (the older brothers),Read More
ARGENTINA, Carlos Cappelletti • There is a large group of Madrugadores in Nueve de Julio, a city in the northwest of the Buenos Aires, Argentina region, where Servant of God, Cardinal Eduardo Francisco Pironio, was born in 1920. He was the first Latin American to serve in the Roman Curia at the time of the establishment of the cardinal list, and he was president of the Pontifical Council for the Laity for many years (1984-1996). A man of profound theological and spiritual culture, Cardinal Pironio distinguished himself for his affability,Read More
ITALY, Jennifer Stahl • On Saturday, 27 May, some members of Rome’s Girls’ Youth began a project that continues in the wake of missions and the apostolate, but this time – in our city! The idea was born from Joseph Engling’s first offering. We also preferred to offer different “flowers” to our Blessed Mother during May: prayers, intentions and works. We, a small little group of youths accompanied by the joyful Sr. Julia, a Sister of Mary, and the mother of one our youths, prayed the Rosary with residents ofRead More

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I did not want to go…

ECUADOR, Emilio Puñet • I had resisted for years, convincing myself that I had other ministries, so why would I invite more problems? It was not my thing…the heat, the discomfort, a trip of who knows how many hours… They were the first Family Missions in Jama with my wife, and everything I feared…happened! Worse still, the crowing rooster beneath our window never stopped crowing all night. And what if you are the exact instrument that God has chosen? Of course, capital of grace… I know. Everyone in Schoenstatt knowsRead More
Marcelo Luzardi, Paraguay, for Tupãrenda Magazine • Maria Fischer is coordinator for the well-known site, – Schoenstatters online.  We make use of her passing through Paraguay to listen to her points of view. We could say that you are a frequent visitor in our country.  How do you see Paraguay developing? This is the third time I have visited Paraguay.  The first time, I was invited by Fr. Antonio Cosp to experience its Movement with its projects and ministries that we shared sometime ago with the entire International SchoenstattRead More
PARAGUAY, Dequeni • On 9 May, within the framework of “Rebuild Hope,” the Dequení foundation inaugurated a works of improvement of their “Sacred Heart of Jesus and Mary” community center located in Ypané. This center suffered serious cracks and separation in the roof and walls, because of deterioration and the continuous storms during last year. This is the third center that was reconditioned through this initiative. Board members and Dequení Foundation personnel attended the ceremony, and they carried out the ribbon cutting; representatives of the Paraguayan Chamber of Real Estate DevelopersRead More
CHILE, Sr. M. Ivonne Latsague V.• Beneath a sky with sunny clouds and occasional drizzle singing “Mary is passing through here…” the missionaries arrived at the Ayinrehue Shrine in Temuco on pilgrimage from Valdivia, Vilcún, Cunco, Puerto Saavedra, Labranza, Angol, Victoria, Los Sauces, Padre Las Casas, Pillanlelbún, Carahue and other communities. They came for a regional gathering of the Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign. The Mother and Queen of Schoenstatt, the Great Missionary had convoked them to make a stop on the road, to gather the experiences of so many years ofRead More

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What is Mission Rome?

PARAGUAY/ITALY by Piero Fiorio • Mission Rome is an apostolic project with the objective to found the Boys’ Youth in Rome. Now, for the third consecutive year, a third group of youths, sent from the Youth Shrine, is working for this founding desire. Ricardo Villaba, Luis Ramírez, Stefano Marazzi and Piero Fiorio form this community. Below I will introduce the different groups to which we belong, support, and guide or give our time and service. But before doing so, I want to say in advance that all of them areRead More
USA, Carlos Cantú • The Annual May Pilgrimage from the Diocese of Brownsville, Texas took place on May 28, 2017.  It was a beautiful day in which more than 500 pilgrims found their way to Confidentia Shrine in Rockport/Lamar, Texas. We were blessed with the presence of Schoenstatt Father, Fr. Christian Christensen, Msgr. Gustavo Barrera, and Fr. Joe Villalón, both diocesan priests from the Diocese of Brownsville.  Both priests have sealed their Covenant of Love with Our Mother Thrice Admirable, Queen and Victress of Schoenstatt and each of them accompaniedRead More
PARAGUAY, Ani Souberlich and Maria Fischer • “It will be an honor and a real joy for us to share this moment with you…” A sentence from the invitation received last week by several collaborators and helpers of Mother of Tupãrenda House, the Social-educational Center of Social Re-integration and Personal Development, dedicated to young men who have gotten into conflict with the law and have therefore served some time in prison, and who have voluntarily decided to attend this comprehensive program, which started in August 2016 in the shadow ofRead More