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ROME BELMONTE, Bettina Betzner and Maria Fischer • On the feast of Pentecost, Schoentatt also celebrated the golden jubilee of the Shrine belonging the Apostolic Women’s Federation. This shrine was blessed by Fr. Joseph Kentenich on the feast of Pentecost 50 years ago. The plaque with the Father-Holy Spirit symbol from the wayside shrine at Belmonte was present at the celebration. This is the same symbol that can still be found today at the entrance to the property at Belmonte and is a reminder of the simple wayside shrine blessedRead More
GERMANY/ECUADOR, Maria Fischer • “For fifty, almost fifty-one years, Pablo traversed and explored this earth in the fullest sense of the word. It was a journey with many stopping points, many changes, with many joys and, in the last few years, with a great deal of suffering. All of us here today, and many, many others, met Pablo Enrique Pelaez Ronquillo somewhere, or accompanied him for longer or shorter stretches of the way. We could tell  … and we have to tell …” At this point of the homily duringRead More
PORTUGAL, by Lena Castro Valente • The first Worldwide Gathering of Schoenstatt Men was held in Portugal from 28-31 May 2017 – in Gafanha da Nazarét, Aveiro. Almost forty representatives from Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, Germany, Spain, and Portugal attended. Those attending felt and commented that this constituted a first and important step to unblocking borders among different Men’s Communities within the Movement. Getting to know one another, establishing a brotherhood with one common mission with the desire to do more and better…within the Schoenstatt charism and according to the visionRead More
GERMANY Georg Schick • On the afternoon of the weekend celebrations, Carolin Ankenbauer’s song, “We are the New Generation, Your Future,” was the one the Girls’ Youth spontaneously requested after the “Take me” concert. It was also the Girls’ Youth that began construction on the shrine in Ulm, Germany during the war years.  At that time, Fr. Kentenich often stayed in Ulm and spoke about the grounds for a future shrine, with views of the cathedral, and that from this place, history would be written. This is how the firstRead More
Maria Fischer • The small bunches of flowers attached to the pews in the Original Shrine were still there from a wedding in the afternoon of 10 June, but they fitted to this simple and beautiful Holy Mass on the eve of Trinity Sunday. In an around the shrine a colourful group of families had gathered to celebrate this feast of the Blessed Trinity, which provides us with a standard for the way we deal with one another, and for our actions today, particularly in politics, globalisation, medical advances andRead More
BRASIL, Melissa Rossatti • Bags of cement, shovels, sand, bricks and many rosaries… Early in the morning, that was the scenario for those passing by the grounds of the future Schoenstatt Shrine in Caieiras, in Brazil’s state of Sao Paulo. During the last month, the Caieiras Schoenstatt Movement gathered every morning to offer the rosary as a family. The initiative was called “Heroic May” and the presence of the Family members at an early hour was guaranteed with loyalty and much prayer: 31 days of prayer and devotion in whichRead More
PARAGUAY, Mario Gilberto Enciso • Thirteen years ago, I was called and touched by the Lord with terminal cancer. This also affected all of my love ones most of all my wife, Glady. She carried the yoke of the cross at my side 365 days of the year. I began my treatment at a private clinic, thinking that things were going to improve as far as treatment with specialized doctors, however the professionals and even the Director/owner treated me very badly there. My wife received the same treatment, and theRead More
Interview of Fr. Alfredo Pereira, Schoenstatt Father from Paraguay • After working for several years in Italy, exactly in a Roman parish that was entrusted to the Schoenstatt Fathers, and in the university ministry, Fr. Alfredo “Pope” Pereira, Schoenstatt Father from Paraguay, returned to his country in March 2017. – How was your experience in the “Santi Patroni” Parish of Rome? I arrived at Santi Patroni Parish in November 2010 as a deacon. During those first months, I learned Italian and grew part of parish life in a gradual andRead More
VATICAN/BRAZIL/, Maria Fischer • Schoenstatt in its second century must be a Schoenstatt that is at the service of the Church and of our brothers on the existential peripheries of the world. Disinterested service. In other words, a kind of “Schoenstatt inside” service that does not seek recognition but wants to share its treasures with everyone. Who looks at a nativity set and speaks about the merit of the Franciscans? Similarly, who will one day speak about Schoenstatt while living out covenant culture in the business world, in politics, inRead More
PANAMÁ, Zaritza Bayo and Fr. José Luis Correa • With Fr. Alexandre Awi’s letter to the youths and advisers, and the publication of the World Day logo, the gaze of God’s people is already directed toward Panama as it waits for the Holy Father and thousands of young people in January 2019. Many of those who had the privilege of attending the blessing of Costa Rica’s Schoenstatt Shrine or who travel frequently through Latin America, know Panama’s airport with its beautiful “Our Lady of Loreto” Chapel, patroness of aviators, whereRead More