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BRAZIL, Karen Bueno • The Schoenstatt Family from Brazil is experiencing the joy of conquering their 23rd Daughter Shrine that is being built in Caieiras, Sao Paulo. They are certain that the Mother Thrice Admirable of Schoenstatt has a special mission for the country of origin and for the entire world from every shrine. We invite the International Schoenstatt Family, brothers/sisters in the Covenant of Love, to accompany this very special moment with their prayers and contributions to the Capital of Grace. Attending the blessing will be possible in realRead More
ECUADOR, Erika Cedeño • The Schoenstatt Family Work 2017, CIOFG17 Ibero-American Congress will take place from September 7-10 in Guayaquil, Ecuador, with the motto: “With joy, families reaching out.” This Congress will bring together 170 couple delegates from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Germany, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, Spain, the United States and, Uruguay who along with forty-five advisers from different communities of the Schoenstatt Family work will be welcomed to this warm land. The Congress seeks the unity and strengthening of the family from theRead More
ROMA BELMONTE/SCHOENSTATT ROSARY CAMPAIGN, Mercedes Bonorino and Maria Fischer • “Everything that this great Campaign generates is a joy for the soul! It touches so many people and above all, how our beloved MTA showers the graces of the Shrine. João Pozzobon is really a saint! From something so small, we can see, feel, and experience so many miracles. I always say something that we experienced with Raúl: the Rosary Campaign is not an apostolate; it is a great gift from God! This was one of the many comments withinRead More
PARAGUAY, from Tupãrenda magazine At eight months of pregnancy, Alicia and Nelson recall their moments of disillusion and discouragement as something far away. Like every newly married couple, they experienced their first days and months in the midst of emotion and with details of their own “honeymoon”. Shortly after uniting their lives, they had the desire to be parents; it was a desire that increased more and more. The first three years of marriage passed with their enthusiasm intact.  The attempt to conceive remained strong, and despite no clinical impediment,Read More

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75 Years …

GERMANY, Roberto M. González • Normally, great jubilees or birthday celebrations are always something big and filled with joy.  This year has not been the exception as we get to celebrate the birth of twins born in an unexpected place, in “the city of death, of madmen and slaves,” (Fr. J.K.) hell on earth, the 1942 summer of hunger – Dachau Concentration Camp. We speak of the founding commemoration of the Family Institutes and the Brothers of Mary. These twins were born only two hours apart, in a very complicatedRead More
PARAGUAY, by Oscar Sandoval • When I became acquainted with María Teresa and Benjamín Cálcena’s Home Shrine and I heard them tell its story, I asked them if they could give their testimony about it. In that respect, Tere commented that in order to understand what their Home Shrine means to them, it is important to tell the story of how they entered the Movement: María Teresa tells her history My father was very ill, and they gave us a picture of the Pilgrim Mother so that she would accompanyRead More
USA,  Carlos Cantú • On July 16, 2017, the inclement, sweltering Texas weather took a holiday so we could celebrate the 75th Anniversary’s founding of the Schoenstatt Family Work. We miraculously had a somewhat overcast day with slightly lower temperatures.  We were able to go through the day without perspiring profusely as happens during our very hot Texas summers.  A real cause for joy and gratitude! The day began at the Shrine around 10:30 A.M.  Several meaningful items graced the front of the Shrine: the Cross, our beautiful crowned MTARead More
GERMANY, Georg Schick • Man, has it really been 20 years? In 1997 a Youth Festival took place at Liebfrauenhöhe with the motto: “You are valuable.” It was legendary;  “JuFe” (Insider slang for youth festival), a motto that almost achieved eternal status, a signet (the “JUFe” figure), which is still a trend inside the Schoenstatt Movement years later… And all this happened twenty years ago? Yes. The core team celebrated the 20th anniversary with a small family festival at Ulm-Harthausen.  In 1997, the JuFe cloths were pulled up at theRead More

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A Second honeymoon

PARAGUAY, Adriana Cardozo • At the entrance of the Retreat House, the hosts (affectionately called “parents) warm welcome and a postcard marked the official start of a long-awaited marriage adventure, the Family Branch retreat at the introductory level. After a self-knowledge workshop, forty-seven couples from different cities belonging to the Diocese of San Lorenzo were ready to relive the best years of their lives together especially learning facets that they had never discovered in each other. The premise of the first workshops was very interesting. The focus on self-knowledge wasRead More
PARAGUAY, Joaquín Santiviago • The decision and the total commitment to a personal vocation is also expressed as a manifestation from the basis that beauty emanates: God, who is the foundation stone of life. Music is the basis of my vocation, my vocation as a child, father, my vocation as educator, my Schoenstatt vocation, my Christian vocation. I find God in music, but in it, God found me first because He sang to me first. In this immense gift of hearing God’s voice in music, I feel called to serveRead More