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COSTA RICA, Gonzalo Vega and Maria Fischer • On the eve of the first Covenant Day of the year 2017, we looked toward Costa Rica, where in two months’ time, on 18 March, Central America’s greatly anticipated first Shrine will be blessed. Many share the dream of a woman from Germany: “May we spiritually unite to the blessing of Costa Rica’s Shrine during all the Covenant Masses, and perhaps, even with some prayer that they are praying in Costa Rica.  Family from Costa Rica will you give us this gift?”Read More
GERMANY, by Maria Fischer and Renate Siebenkäs • Mary, I want to learn from you, what it means that God’s thoughts are not mine, and that his ways are not mine, that his will, which is often inconceivable, ultimately is good for me. I want to learn from you, that there is no life without sacrifice and this does not make me bitter rather it makes me more mature, and the purpose and blessing lies in this.   Extracted from the book in German: The Woman who Takes Me toRead More
Maria Fischer with Mercedes Bonorino • Uniting the Blessed Mother’s mission from Rome in reaching the broadest circles of the Church and the world, the wayside shrines’ current continues very strongly in great part thanks to Ana Echevarría and Mercedes Bonorino’s creativity and dedication along with the entire Argentinean Belmonte circle. Every missionary sending a photo of their wayside shrine not only receives the Belmonte Bulletin to keep them informed, but they also receive a personal greeting with an incentive to join in prayer and offer capital of grace forRead More
CHILE, Noemí Díaz Pinto Ch. • I shared a triptych with a picture of the Blessed Mother, Fr. Kentenich and the Shrine with a mother who suffered because of the disunity among her children; one of them had serious problems. The mother gave the triptych to the son with problems; he kept it in his room. She did not ask for anything, she just gave it to him and told him to have faith. On 24 December, two of her children who had animosity embraced. On the 25th, the sonRead More
PARAGUAY, Morocha and Carlos Etchegaray • The Tayi Group is here today, forty years after being called. We want to express thanks for choosing us to be a part of our nation’s Schoenstatt Family and for being a part of the first generation. Looking at the present and seeing how the Movement has grown in broadness and fruitfulness, we can affirm with humility and joy that the motto guiding us at that time and everything that was offered was not in vain: “Mary descend in Tupãrendá through your giving ofRead More
PARAGUAY, Mónica Martínez, Cristhian Díaz and Bruno Díaz Martínez   • There is a very important date for all Schoenstatters. It is a day, Mother, that you made the most important one for my family, because you sent us the most beautiful gift the heavenly Mother can give: a son! It is not a coincidence that we belong to this Movement, and it is not a coincidence that you sent our little Bruno on 18 October 2013, when we expected him on 7 November. It is not a coincidence… From myRead More
ARGENTINA, Silvia García • On 21 November in gratitude for all the blessings received, “Guarantee of the 20th of  January” Shrine’s 60 years were celebrated in Oberá, Missiones Province, Argentina. The entire Schoenstatt Family’s along with numerous pilgrims from NEA [Northeast Argentina] participated; they recalled the message that Fr. Joseph Kentenich left them: “Misiones, with its thriving nature, will be a flourishing Marian Garden.” The festivities began the previous day with Eucharist celebrated at the Cathedral. Then everyone processed to the Shrine. There they shared in the prayer of theRead More
COSTA RICA, Michelle Ramírez de Monturiol • It was a sunny Sunday Mass; it was 10:00 a.m., but many felt it was already late afternoon. There was much physical as well as spiritual preparation to welcome more than 300 people. They rushed to make everything beautiful. Flowers, chairs, food, details as if it were a daughter’s wedding! Everything was carefully prepared and filled with beautiful details to welcome the Schoenstatt Family! Cars began to arrive. The parking lot was full, but many men collaborated to open more space for additionalRead More
USA, with material from the Schoenstatt Fathers of Austin`s newsletter • The Schoenstatt Fathers will celebrate a groundbreaking ceremony and blessing of the work being done for their new home in Austin on Sunday, January 1, 2017.   After many years of longing for the possibility of a home close to the shrine, they have taken the bold step of beginning construction on a new home that will allow them to come together as a community and plan for the future with more vocations and Fathers serving the Schoenstatt Movement andRead More
COSTA RICA,  María Fischer • Twenty years or more of waiting? The first article from Costa Rica, published on in 1999, already spoke of this young, apostolic, growing family’s desire to have their Shrine. Those who visit the Belmonte Shrine in Rome are witnesses of this desire daily. Twelve years ago, a delegation from Costa Rica took their jar to Belmonte; it was a small glass jar entwined with a grapevine, a ribbon in Costa Rica’s colors, and a small wooden shrine with the inscription: “For our future CostaRead More