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Germany, Regina und Matthias Hagmann • Six couples each sat at their own table. Soft music was playing in the background. An empty picture frame laid in front of them. There was a long table next to them with craft materials, papers, colors, fabrics…Together they thought about how they would implement and shape an image that accompanied them through the following days for their marriage. At the end of the retreat, these images stood on the altar in the Shrine, and it was palatable that the couples were on theRead More
PARAGUAY, Oscar Sandoval • It all began last year at a Tupãrenda pastoral meeting. The Family wanted to have a way to gather and showcase the process of the conquest and construction of the Shrine, from the acquisition of the grounds, the anecdotes, and all the details of Tupãrendá’s history, including everything that is present today. At a conference presented to the San Lorenzo Branch, Fr. Antonio Cosp explained this idea and that he needed volunteers to implement it, and he asked if anyone was inspired to participate. Three couplesRead More
ENGLAND, Mary Cole and Tricia Barnes • That’s what happens when you begin to tidy the house. Last year Paul Cooper, our Schoenstatt artist, began to clear up and discovered a long-forgotten document signed by the founding Schoenstatters in England almost thirty years before in Walsingham, England’s premier Marian place of pilgrimage since 1061, in which they pledged to live their covenant with our MTA to the full, and crowned her picture. In return they asked her to give them a shrine. She has carried out her part – theRead More
COSTA RICA, María Fischer • She came. The Blessed Mother came to her Shrine. Hundreds of hands holding little white flags were raised as Mary, the Mother of the Lord and our Mother, slowly approached on the road leading to the Shrine in her picture on the platform decorated with hundreds of white flowers, which was carried on the shoulders of founding generation. The San José choir sang with all its heart and soul. Many hug, many cannot contain the tears. All the desires, struggles, giving of self, commitments, allRead More
PARAGUAY, Marcela Encina • I met the Blessed Mother through my mother. She did not belong to the Schoenstatt Movement nor did she belong to any Branch, however, I believe that I saw the most fervent Schoenstatter in her. The picture of the Blessed Mother was present in my house since I can remember. I vividly remember her during my mother’s months of pregnancy waiting for my brother. My parents had prayed to her to grant them a boy after three girls, and I remember they were so grateful forRead More
PARAGUAY, by Oscar Sandoval • The construction process on the Schoenstatt Fathers’ new house in Tupãrendá is underway, far from the noise of traffic, the brouhaha of people, embraced by the sun during the day and by the starry canopy of heaven at night. We could even define it as a place “close to heaven” because of the site’s altitude. Even with the machinery noise and the workers’ murmuring, the song of the birds can be heard, and one can feel the soft breeze and fresh wind that passes throughRead More
COSTA RICA, Michelle Ramírez de Monturiol • Costa Rica experienced a triduum of celebration; it was a weekend filled with joy for the blessing of their first “Family of Hope” Shrine, the fruit of 20 years of contributions to the capital of grace. Saturday, 18 March, was not only a day of renewal of the Covenant of Love but a dream of many was fulfilled. Now the first Schoenstatt Shrine in Costa Rica and Central America has become a reality. The blessing was led by the Bishop Rafael Quirós QuirósRead More
COSTA RICA, Derek Monturiol • Sunday, 19 March at 5:00 a.m. on the Feast of St. Joseph, outside the Family of Hope Shrine where the doors were closed, it was still dark.  More than forty men met along with Fr. Carlos Cox and Octavio Galarce, founder of the Madrugadores, who visited us from Chile for the blessing of the Shrine that was held the previous day. We prayed the morning consecration kneeling at the foot of the Shrine… “Father I may awake with new strength to rekindle my love. LetRead More
ITALY, Angela Miccoli • In the parish of the Patron Saints, “home” of the Schoenstatt Fathers in Italy, a group of young people proposed a wonderful initiative for this Lent. To tell us about this is Angela, the main promoter of the project and former head of the youth group.   A Lent social – spiritual… this is the project we are experimenting with at this time. Everyday on our WhatsApp group, Gente Carlina, one of us, publishes the Gospel of the day and shares a sound clip of about a minute andRead More
AUSTRIA, Alois Konrad via Thirty years ago, on February 14, 1987, it began in the middle of Steiermark with one brave family together with Sister Elmengard and Father Tilmann Beller… “Our Homes – preferred places of God’s work: warming – shaping – radiating!” Summer holidays in Steiermark – hurrah! One last look at the home shrine – and off we went.  We drove through a sunny, almost already spring-like Steiermark and came closer to the monastery in Leibnitz. We went through the monastery gate with great anticipation – and immediatelyRead More